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This is not farewell! Goodbyes to Think2030 by Faustine Bas-Defossez

The time has come for me to say goodbye as I am heading for a new challenge that is taking me back to the world of civil society organisations.

I feel very proud of what was achieved over the past couple of years. Platforms such as Think2030, communities of thinkers who strive for policies aligned to what science is saying, are more gravely needed than ever if we are to secure a liveable future for our children.

In just under four years, and in the face of a global pandemic, we managed to turn the platform into a prominent incubator for evidence-based recommendations for decision makers. The three conferences in Brussels, Berlin and Paris gathered renowned policy experts and inspiring leaders; the collaboration of Think2030 partner organisations led to the publication of over 15 science-based briefings on a wide variety of topics; events were set up to engage with MEPs on specific policy files; and three trailblazers from the private sector were welcomed to the platform: Tetra Pak, IBMA and Oatly, with more to come!

Think2030 was created in 2018, and its first outcome, 30X30 actions for a Sustainable Europe became a strong basis for the new on der Leyen’s Commission’s European Green Deal as well as the work of newly elected MEPs.

With the next elections around the corner, 2023 will be a decisive year. As in 2018, Think2030 will keep up its range of activities to provide evidence-based solutions for the EU to stay within planetary boundaries, and help carry the ambitions of the Green Deal beyond 2024. The objective is to keep the Green Deal central in the debates around the EU elections and eventually secure a deal post-2024 that is even stronger and better reflects what science urges us to do. Another year, another exciting time filled with opportunities for the platform to grow and increase its impact.

2023 will also be a year where the platform will grow further with new knowledge partners and trailblazers from the private sector. This is exciting!

Despite the considerable challenges that still lie ahead, I am determined to end the year seeing the glass half full , as in just about a few weeks, the EU managed to secure important agreements on key elements of the Green Deal, and successfully pushed for a historical deal on nature restoration on a global scale.

Never forget: hope is our strength and science, our weapon! Keep up the good work, and you can count on me to remain engaged in the platform with my EEB hat on.

Wishing you all a good end of the year!