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The Green Deal Barometer is back with its third edition

IEEP has launched the third edition of the European Green Deal Barometer. The annual survey gathers views from sustainability experts on the European Union’s progress towards implementing the European Green Deal, its constituent policies and targets, and the political trends that may impede or accelerate that process.

With European elections taking place in 2024, this year’s edition focuses on understanding the prospects for implementing the Green Deal before the end of the current term. The political balance of power could affect the progress of the European Green Deal, and we want to know how resilient it is expected to be in the face of any changes.

The survey will also take a closer look at the politics of passing the Green Deal, its social provision aspects, and its impact on non-European countries. Another element of novelty is that this year it includes six case studies covering France, Czech Republic, Sweden, Spain, Hungary and Poland, the countries that have recently held, or are about to hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the coming terms. In this regard, we would like to identify the main opportunities and barriers that would arise with the transformation of the Green Deal into legislation in these countries.

The survey has been set up in collaboration with Savanta and contains precious contributions of sixteen survey partners from the Think2030 platform and the Think Sustainable Europe network.

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Your input is critical in monitoring the progress of the EU’s green policies, and can help identify pathways for delivering on the Green Deal objectives.

The survey is likely to take between 15-20 minutes Your progress through the survey will be saved on the device you open it on, so it may be completed in more than one sitting.

The survey will be active until the end of April, and we will present the preliminary results at the Think2030 Dialogue – Stockholm, which will take place on the 20 April 2023. See the event’s page for more information.

The key findings of the last edition is available here.



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