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State of the EU CBAM after the French Presidency: A reality check

What’s left of the CBAM proposal after a year of political frictions? What strategies could preserve CBAM’s environmental integrity during the Czech and Swedish Presidencies?

Almost a year after the release of Fit-for-55, the Think2030 conference will host a dedicated roundtable to take stock of progress made during the French Presidency of the EU Council on the proposal to adjust carbon at the EU borders. Speakers include

A dedicated paper will also identify the remaining challenges and provide an update of the Green Trade Network’s recommendations for the Czech and Swedish Presidencies to deliver on a robust, climate ambitious and internationally fair Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. This new Think2030 paper emphasizes the need for a clarification of the different venues through which the EU and partners could explore cooperation on CO2 measurement standards and climate policy alignment.

To find out more, read this paper by the Green Trade Network on the four guiding principles for CBAM design and implementation.


Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash