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Restoring EU ecosystems: recommendations for successful implementation of EU Nature Restoration Law

A proposal for an EU Nature Restoration Law, including legally binding restoration targets, was published on 22 June 2022. The proposal constitutes a crucial step in implementing the EU’s commitment to scale up restoration, set out in the EU Biodiversity Strategy to 2030 and the European Green Deal.

The Think2030 conference will be an opportunity to focus on the opportunities presented by the upcoming law, given the manifold benefits of restoration to nature, people, and the economy, climate change mitigation and adaptation. In a dedicated roundtable, experts will discuss what is needed to ensure that the restoration targets are achieved by Member States, in terms of governance arrangements, monitoring framework, technical and scientific support, and funding. The Think2030 roundtable will also fine-tune and consolidate a series of recommendations for Member States and the EU institutions to facilitate the successful implementation of the upcoming law. These recommendations will be the basis of a new paper.


Photo by Alex Belogub on Unsplash

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