Think Sustainable Europe welcomes four new members

Think Sustainable Europe (TSE), the network of sustainability think tanks coordinated by IEEP, welcomes 4 new members, expanding its membership to now 13 organisations across Europe. IEEP is glad to welcome the Center for Environmental and Sustainability Research – CENSE (Portugal), the Association for International Affairs – AMO (Czech Republic), Energiaklub (Hungary) and The Sustainable […]

A low-carbon and circular industry for Europe

Science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe A low-carbon and circular industry for Europe POLICY PAPER Share Climate change is a complex challenge that requires urgent action. There is no single solution to our changing climate, but rather a multitude of solutions that need to be scaled up. Foremost among them are the transition to renewable […]

Think Sustainable Europe welcomes three new members

IEEP is proud to welcome BC3, the Green Tank, and IISD to the network of European sustainability think tanks. Think Sustainable Europe was created to provide policymakers across the continent with sound, science-based analysis and recommendations, by combining insights and experiences from various countries and areas of expertise. Launched in 2019, the network also serves as […]

IEEP welcomes WiseEuropa to Think Sustainable Europe

Launched in 2019, IEEP’s membership network Think Sustainable Europe provides policymakers across the continent with sound, science-based analysis, and recommendations. Currently active in 9 European countries, and further expanding, it serves as a platform to share insights, experiences and areas of expertise. WiseEuropa is the latest member to join the network. WiseEuropa Institute is an independent think tank based […]