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Are we on track for a sustainable Europe? Launch conference of the European Green Deal Barometer

Are we on track for a sustainable Europe? Launch conference of the European Green Deal Barometer

The Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) and GlobeScan are organising this event to mark the launch of the European Green Deal Barometer report, a flagship Think2030 initiative that identifies the challenges to the Green Deal’s implementation and provides policy recommendations for addressing them.

The European Green Deal Barometer report builds on the Think2030 survey, an expert consultation on the progress made in implementing the European Green Deal and on the top issues and priorities.

This event will provide an opportunity to share the results of the Think2030 survey, which collected views from nearly 300 sustainability experts from across the EU. Speakers will include Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet to the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission, and Dr. Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA).

The slides that were presented during the event are available at this link.

About the Think2030 survey

As a follow-up to the Think2030 conference held in November 2020, IEEP, in partnership with GlobeScan, the European Environmental Agency, AER, EEAC, CAN Europe, Ecologic Institute, CISL, WWF EU, Climate Alliance and the Think Sustainable Europe network, asked 300 European sustainability experts what they consider to be the greatest challenges and opportunities on the path towards a successful implementation of the European Green Deal.

Think2030 is a multi-stakeholder platform launched by IEEP in 2018, which meets every two years. The platform brings together leading sustainability experts from European think tanks, civil society, the private sector and local authorities to identify science-based policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe.


09:00   Introduction and presentation of the Think2030 survey – Céline Charveriat (IEEP) and Caroline Holme (GlobeScan)

09:30   Interactive panel: Taking results into account, how can the EU make progress on the European Green Deal in 2021?– moderator Robert Watt (SEI) Diederik Samsom, Head of Cabinet to the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission
Dr. Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA)

10:00   Questions from the audience

10:20   concluding remarks

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Senior Director, GlobeScan
Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP)
Diederik Samsom
Head of Cabinet of Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans
Hans Bruyninckx - Professor
Hans Bruyninckx - Professor
Executive Director, European Environment Agency (EEA)
Communications Director and Head of Strategic Policy Engagement, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)