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about Think2030

Launched by IEEP and its partners in 2018, Think2030 is an evidence-based, non-partisan platform of leading policy experts from European think tanks, civil society, the private sector and local authorities.

By focusing on producing relevant, timely and concrete policy recommendations, Think2030’s key objective is to identify science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe.

High-level conference

The platform meets at least once every two years for a high-level conference to discuss and present the outcomes of the collaborative work. The first Think2030 conference took place in Brussels on 17-18 October 2018. The 2020 edition took place online, co-organised by the Ecologic Institute, IEEP and the TMG Think Tank.

30X30 Actions for a sustainable Europe

The Think2030 report — 30X30 actions for a sustainable Europe — synthesises the findings of the Think2030 papers from the 2018 conference covering all major European sustainability challenges.

With Europe needing to reduce its resource use by 80% per capita by 2050, the report maps out how EU policies can help to address this transition while delivering more prosperous, peaceful and healthy lives for EU citizens.



We are very pleased that a number of Members of the European Parliament – across parties – as well as Member State Ministers, high-level European officials and academics are already engaged in the Think2030 process.

Think2030 voices

As part of Think2030, we reached out to a number of policy-makers, EU officials, and other stakeholders. Here are their takes on science-policy solutions for a sustainable Europe.

Just transition, sustainable consumption and production, climate, biodiversity – these are the key words that should be thought and anticipated in time to provide the right answers. And Think2030, bringing together the think tanks of Europe, is absolutely key to succeed.

Teresa Ribera Rodríguez
Minister for the Ecological Transition of Spain

Our old perception is of a linear model of growth with limitless natural resources. Our economic theory revolves around this impression of a boundless universe. We have to learn to understand, appreciate and preserve the limited amount of resources available and accept natural boundaries.

Sirpa Pietikäinen
Member of the European Parliament – European People’s Party, Finland

The EU can lead the way to a green era and living well within the limits of the planet.

Hans Bruyninckx
Director of the European Environmental Agency

We need to foster ownership for a 2050 vision and 2030 implementation across Member States, the regional and global level.

Lola Vallejo
Climate Programme Director, IDDRI

A concerted effort is required by policy makers, businesses and individuals, to change not only what we consume, but how, how much, and why.

Mia Pantzar
Policy Analyst, IEEP

A central idea during my session was the issue of a paradigm shift. SDGs are universal. Everyone embraces the idea of SDGs but it is often lost when we go into details. We need to take sustainability serious; the SDGs provide a framework to do so.

Ruben Zondervan
Executive Director, Stakeholder Forum

Politicians must face a simple truth: a thriving future for Europe and its citizens is not possible on a depleted planet.

Ester Asin
Director, WWF EPO

Both EU revenues and expenditures need to be aligned towards the same goal – the decarbonisation of the European economy.

Eero Yrjo-Koskinen
Executive Director, Green Budget Europe

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