Science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe

Science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe

Launched by IEEP and its partners in 2018, Think2030 is an evidence-based, non-partisan platform of leading policy experts from European think tanks, civil society, the private sector and local authorities.

Think2030 Dialogue Sweden

Navigating crisis through sustainability

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Path to climate neutrality

A clean energy transition

A healthy food system for people and planet

An industrial strategy for a competitive, green, digital Europe

Preserving our environment

Providing efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport

Investing in a green future

Research and innovation driving transformative change


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Edition 2022

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Towards a Transformative Sustainable Food System Legislative Framework


Navigating crisis through sustainability: Think2030 Dialogue Sweden

On 20 April in Stockholm, SEI hosted the Think2030 Dialogue, converging policy makers, business leaders and researchers from across Europe. This high-profile event co-organised by IEEP focused on key sustainability issues critical for EU policy. The Think2030 platform gathers organisations (think tanks, academia, NGOs, civil society and private sector) that

Think2030 Dialogue – Session focus

Delivering the European Green Deal and moving the EU towards carbon neutrality by mid-century will require a transition in current energy systems. It will also require innovation and a transformation of the industrial practices upon which societies rely. This transformation should take place in traditional industrial sectors and spark new

Think2030 Dialogue – Session focus

Countries are attempting to decrease their climate-changing emissions, while facing the immediate and removed effects of wars, economic downturns, increasing impacts of climate change, and growing challenges to accessing food, natural resources and energy. They are doing so despite the changing geopolitical situation and the global arena, while working with

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