THINK 2030

Science-policy solutions for a more sustainable Europe

In partnership with GLOBE EU, IEEP is creating a new sustainability platform, Think 2030.

Informing a science-based agenda for European environmental policy beyond 2020, Think 2030 convenes a diverse range of stakeholders to discuss and propose solutions to Europe’s most pressing sustainability issues.

Think 2030 will produce policy recommendations on a range of sustainability issues for the next European Commission, Parliament and for Member States. The conference will take place on October 17-18th, 2018, in Brussels.

Day 1
Stakeholder consultation and research community engagement

Progressive business, NGOs and civil society and local authorities discuss policy papers produced by the research community. Europe’s leading sustainability think tanks and research institutes refine recommendations on the basis of the stakeholder consultation.

Day 2
Parliamentary workshop

Final papers are presented to MEPs and the main European political parties who will be asked to explain how the next European Parliament and Commission should address Europe's environmental challenges and to react to concrete proposals.